International conference on Distributions and Inequality Measures in Economics

February, 20-21, 2020 - University of Milano - Bicocca

The Department of Statistics and Quantitative Methods (University Milano-Bicocca), the Department of Economics, Management and Statistics (University of Milano-Bicocca) and the Scientific Committee of the journal Statistica & Applicazioni announce the organization of the International Conference on “Distributions and inequality measures in economics”. The aim of the conference is to widespread and share recent and novel advances in the study of income inequality and income distributions.

Download here the flyer of the conference.

Conference themes

The themes of the conference are focused on but not restricted to:

  • Inequality (concentration) curves
  • Inequality (concentration) measures
  • Decomposition of Inequality (concentration) measures
  • Distribution models for Incomes representation
  • Empirical analysis of Incomes data
  • Applications of methodologies for Inequality analysis

A special session will be organized in memory of Paolo Radaelli in occurrence of the 10th anniversary of his departure. In this session, oral presentations on

  • Industrial concentration
  • Quantile regression
  • Classification trees

are welcome.